964´s truly driven


2nd - 4th SEPTEMBER 2024


The name of this event is 4367 Tribute. Here is the story.


I am so happy to have convinced our friends at Nürburgring GmbH that the unique spirit of the 964 Tribe Hangout fits very well at the Nürburgring.

As some of you guys know, I also have a passion for the 996 & 997 GT models and last year I took an intiativ to create the No Nannies Conference, a initiative  very much in the same spirit like the 964 TH but without the touring element. We had our first event in September 2023 at the Nürburgring as an event-in-event at DN Events.

When we now celebrate our 5th anniversary of the 964 Tribe Hangout, I would very much like to invite the 996 & 997 GT model owners. They share our focus on trackdriving and they own their cars for the very same reason the we own the 964 & 993. Pure passion!

Also, I will for the first time also welcome race cars to this event. It will be the 964, 993 and 996 Cup cars and possibily any other race versions. I belive that it will enrich the event and also inspire us all. At NBR, the possibilities to organize the mix of cars on track in a safe way, is no problem.